Devin Finigan is the Executive Chef and proprietor of Aragosta at Goose Cove, recently named “Best Waterfront Restaurant in Maine” by DownEast Magazine.

Chef Finigan grew up in the mountains of Vermont. Finigan had a culinary upbringing and a passion for cooking at an early age. Her father, Kevin Finigan, is one of Vermont’s great chefs. Finigan began working in kitchens at age 14 and has never stopped.

Throughout her culinary career, Devin Finigan has worked alongside many well known chefs including Thomas Keller (The French Laundry and Per Se), Jean-Georges Vongerichten (Jean-Georges), Dan Barber (Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns), and Kyle Connaughton (Single Thread Farms).

Finigan strives to maintain inspiration in her work. Traveling the world into others kitchens helps to fuel that creativity. “I want to keep learning, keep being inspired.”

Finigan’s food brings you an intimate relationship with Deer Isle. She creates exquisite meals with a commitment to locally-sourced ingredients from the island and the ocean around it.


Thank you to the many designers, makers, and local artisans
who contributed their talents to the renovations and launch of Aragosta at Goose Cove.

Howard Chittenden
Communal Table (walnut & ash)

Yellow Birch Farm
Missy Green: dining room server ware
Eric Ziner: hearth, entrance door handles, custom kitchen prep table

Luke Hartmann
Carved and painted Aragosta signage

Krishna Fitzpatrick
Branding & Interior Design

Amy Adams-Ratcliff
Handmade stoneware tiles for reception desk

Farrell Ruppert
Signage brackets, bar footrail

Milkweed & Moth
Handmade soaps for cottage Welcome baskets

Laura Lawford
Dinner service aprons

44 North Coffee
Aragosta dining room blend, cottage welcome basket coffee

Rackliffe Pottery
Dining room mugs & butter dishes
Cottage bowls & plates

Jud Hartmann
“Monstrous Fish” dining room statues

Additional thanks to:

  • Larkin Bulger (dining room bathroom sink stands, signage)
  • Aaron Bulger (salon doors, wine room door, bar shelving)
  • Katie Green (reservation book & guest book)
  • C.L. Haskell & Son Electricians Inc.
  • Percy L. Brown & Son Inc.
  • Ken Krall (decking)